Tucked Or Untucked Is the Question

Always find yourself perplexed while slipping on a shirt — deciding whether to tuck it in to keep it untucked? Well, you’re not the only one facing this dilemma. You want to look sharp with your shirt neatly tucked into your pants, and you want to avoid having a bunched up back, but you also want to be able to breathe through and manoeuver easily. We bring you three simple rules to play by or rather check on before making a decision — expect optimal comfort and maximum style.

1. CHECK THE HEM – run a quick over the hem (bottom) of your shirt. If it has an even hem, untucked is the way to go. Shirts with an uneven hem, with tails at the back, are meant to be tucked in. Though some people can effortlessly carry shirts with tails untucked, it may end up looking shoddy on others. Play it safe, and keep those uneven hems tucked in.

    Look at the hem


    2. CHECK THE FABRIC – if the hem of your shirts is still coming in the way of making a decision, look at the fabric. Heavy, sturdier fabrics, like denims, flannels, linens and oxfords are best worn untucked, to avoid excess bunching and making your hips look unflattering. Also, these fabrics are more casual and lend themselves easily to a more relaxed look. Whereas, lighter and formal looking fabrics like poplins and satins, are ideal for tucking into your pants.

    Look at the fabric


    3. CHECK THE OCCASION – lastly, ask yourself where you’re headed — a boardroom meeting, a bar or a beach? Formal events call for your shirts to be neatly nipped and tucked in. Shirts worn with jackets or suits, need to be tucked in too. Casual days and events where you see yourself lounging about in your shorts, call for your shirt to be untucked.

    Check where you’re headed

    Not all that tough, right? Just keep this checklist in mind every time the question of how to wear your shirt, pops in your head and you’ll be good to go.