5 Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing A Suit

All the men out there, listen up and take notes, as we’re about to state some of the most fundamental things to keep in mind when playing dress up in your favourite suit. The key to getting dapper lies in these 5 pointers listed below – what you must do and what you must completely avoid.

Buttoning of a suit
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1. Buttoning of your suit jacket- Your suit jacket may come with two rows of buttons, but that doesn’t mean you have to button both of them up. Always, always remember to only button up the first (top) button and leave the second button undone. Why? It helps you walk and talk with ease, without compressing your tummy area. While sitting, remember to gently unbutton your jacket – it feels more comfortable and prevents the button from popping.

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2. Length of your tie- Wondering what’s the correct length to wear your tie? Remember this – the tip of your tie should just about touch the top of your belt buckle. Neither should it be hanging below the buckle, nor should it be too high above.

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3. Sock Colour- Men, do not forget that your socks are extension of the pants you’re wearing. This simply means that your sock colour should match the colour of your pants. In case, you can’t find the exact shade, try working around a shade up or down in the same colour of your pants. For example, if you’re pants are tan brown in colour, team them with a pair of brown coloured socks. Avoid wearing a white pair in such a case. Contrasting colours are not easy to pull off by everyone.

Trouser length
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4. Length of your pants – The importance of getting the break of a trouser right can hardly be overstated. You don’t want to be tripping with extra long pants, and neither do you want to look like you’re wearing a pair from your school days. The break of a trouser refers to the point where the pants touch your shoe. While, different break lengths work for different men, the ideal one is where, the hem (bottom) of the pants rests slightly on top of the shoe in front, and covers the highest point of the shoe in the back. Remember, if you’re short, a shorter break would work better. And for taller men, a full break works best.

Cuff peek
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5. Peeking of your shirt cuff- Confused as to how much of your cuff should be exposed from under your jacket’s sleeve? Well, rule of thumb dictates that you must show no more than 1/4 – 1/2 an inch of your shirt's cuff. You don’t want your jacket’s sleeve covering your hand, nor do you want to be showing off the entire cuff.

These are 5 of the most basic but extremely crucial things to keep in mind when wearing a suit, and we suggest you bookmark this page for those times.