5 Checks to own this Season

Checks aren’t new to any wardrobe. In fact, they form an essential and unmistakable staple in every man’s collection. Affordable, durable, and smart, with checks you can never go wrong. There is so much that can be done with the pattern itself.

Here are some of our favourite check shirts from the BSC collection to own this season:

Originated from Scotland, this pattern is made by crisscrossing multiple horizontal and vertical bands. New colors are created where different colors overlap. A classic pattern that brings tradition and style together. So, if you’re the one to stay true to the time-honored style and yet make your mark in the crowd, go for our Pear tartan checks or the Scottish tartan checks from the BSC collection.

Scottish Tartan checks
Scottish Tartan Checks
Pear Tartan Checks
Pear Tartan Checks

The popular and ultra stylish Tattersall checks are made by crisscrossing a horizontal stripe with thin even vertical stripes resulting in perfect squares. It consists of different colored lines on a lighter background. A Tattersall check shirt is perfect for casual weekends. Pair one of our Charles Tattersall shirts with shorts and loafers and step out in style for an evening barbeque party.

Charles Tattersall
Charles Tattersall Checks

A favourite in men’s wardrobe, Gingham is a two-toned pattern, most popularly sewn in blue and white or red and white. It’s a yarn dyed cotton or linen fabric. The yarn is first dyed and then woven. Affordable, durable, and light-weight, the BSC collection flaunts blue, oak, Thomas Mason vintage, Roseate Dress and more gingham check shirts to upgrade your wardrobe.

Roseate Dress Checks

Very similar to Tartan checks, plaid is formed by crisscrossing lines of varying widths in one, two, or three colors. In plaids, the pattern of the vertical stripe does not necessarily have to match the pattern of horizontal stripe like the pattern of the tartan. Our Glen plaid check shirts is truly a gentleman’s outfit and perfect for formal occasions.

Glen Plaid
Glen Plaid Checks

Made of 100% cotton and woven in Twill, our brand new and distinct collection of Japanese Brushed Check shirts are soft, heavier, and drape very well on the body. The fabric is distinguished by its texture that gives a brushed feel and is perfect for both formal and casual arrangements. Besides the classic black and grey checks, the BSC offers a range of handpicked Japanese checks in combinations of olive and blue, cream and grey, and blue and white checks.

Japanese Twill
Grey-Black Japanese Twill Checks

Shop from our collection of the staple check shirts, custom-made and designed to the T for you.