Why custom made shirts?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” This famous quote by designer Yves Saint Laurent couldn’t have been more relevant than it is today and is likely to stay that way for generations to come.

Although, ready-made shirt is not really a fad yet, the eternal style that custom-made shirt is, is definitely dawning on more people than ever.  As the general standard of living improves with more and more people getting connected to the world of social media, so has the need to stand out from the crowd. And ready-mades, which are made for the masses, can never fulfill that.

The general belief that ready-made provides a higher cost benefit and better convenience is why the concept has sold in time. But a closer analysis will tell you that the same doesn’t really hold true vis-a-vis custom-made shirts.

Let us list a few good practical reasons as to why a custom made shirt is better than ready-made shirts in both, economy and convenience.

  • A ready-made shirt is a fixed design made by the manufacturer, whereas you can design a custom-made shirt the way you want right from the fabric, collar, buttons, sleeves and much more.
  • When it comes to ready-made shirts, you are limited by choice as to the shirt that fits you correctly. What greater inconvenience than having to go through a zillion shirts to find the one you like and only be disappointed when you find that it doesn’t fit. Imagine the horror of having to visit multiple stores to just find the shirts you like and then having to try each one of those to check if they even fit you correctly.
  • We are sure that a lot of you think that ready-made shirts fit just fine, but wait till you have experienced the fit and comfort of a custom made shirt.
  • The quality of a custom-made shirt will always be higher than that of a ready-made shirt when it comes to stitching, custom designs or even the level of detailing simply for the fact that the ready-mades are being done by machines while the latter will always be supervised by a human (read tailor).
  • Ready-made shirt can cost you anywhere between INR 1,000 to 2,500, you can get a good custom-made shirt easily around INR 2,000.  But you’ll be jumping the gun by calling it expensive, considering that a custom shirt will allow you to choose the fabric and design it with innumerable personalisations.

To add to all of this, custom-made shirts offer you an experience that a ready-made shirt never will. Designing a shirt can be a long drawn process for the first few times, considering the plethora of options one has in terms of choosing a fabric, customizing the collar – button down or wide spread, cuffs – barrel or french, buttons, pockets or even personalizing it via monograms. But the experience of designing one’s own shirt from scratch is rewarding as well. More importantly, it can also be an opportunity to discover oneself, as you understand your own tastes while getting a shirt done.

If what you wear is a reflection of your personality then a custom-made shirt allows you the opportunity to express your individuality. And we, at the Bombay Shirt Company, help you through the wonderful experience of designing your own custom-made shirt with the help of seasoned stylists who not only help you choose the right fabric, but also design it as per your tastes. Come, discover yourself!