Look Who’s Got A New Lease Of Life

Nestled in the heart of Central Mumbai, is our head office where all the daily banter takes place — from brainstorming sessions to customer care calls to keeping up with our accounts, it all happens under this one roof.


Back in 2012, when BSC had just launched, this space was what we’d refer to as a typical ‘start-up’ — a bare office, with a tiny little team of about 3-4 people. After 7 years of trying/ testing/ learning/ unlearning/ experimenting/ growing — the head office now houses over 15 team members. And with this sudden spurt, an overhaul for the head office became inevitable.


Although, the transition from ‘basic to beautiful’ didn’t happen overnight. It took its own time, like all good things do. Out went all the old stuff, making way for the new. And with that, out went the team too (only temporarily, we mean) — working from home for three weeks, coordinating over  emails, slack messages and occasional meetings at our Vikhroli factory.


In the meantime, the head office was being dressed up to reflect our minimal, clean brand aesthetics. It went from white washed walls to industrial grey ones, from make-shift desks to tables topped with luxe marble and teak wood. White tube lights, were replaced with Japanese lantern-like fixtures — pretty much resembling our store interiors.

The idea was to create a space that inspires, induces the team members to bring out their creative best, and one that feels like second home to them, and we believe to have achieved just that with this new look.


PS: We have copious amounts of tea/ coffee to keep the team running all day long, music to keep their spirits high, and a refrigerator filled with beers to make Fridays fun.