Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

Why we all need to make our next fashion choices, consciously. 

Humans are buying more clothes than ever, which is great for the fashion industry. But, we’re throwing them away faster too. Discarded clothes and unused inventory from fast fashions brands is burnt or dealt with in damaging ways. Estimates say that by 2050, we’re going to need a landfill the size of New Delhi. 

While these overwhelming issues exist, you’re probably left wondering what one can do as an individual. Luckily, the little decisions we make have consequences. By simply opting for slow fashion, you’ll be part of an ethical movement committed to preserving the environment. For instance, take a look at contemporary, homegrown brands like Korra, No Nasties, Nicobar, Doodlage and Bombay Shirt Company whose core is conscious production. 

We’ve always worked to dispel the notion that personalised clothing is not as affordable as retail. Slow fashion is not about minimising your wardrobe, it’s about buying thoughtfully. We’re giving you a few more reasons why building a sustainable wardrobe benefits everyone across the board. 

Sustainability custom made shirt

Style That’s Built to Last

shirt from BSC will last for a long time. Everything from the quality of the fabric, button, thread, and craftsmanship is of the finest quality. The fabrics we source are from a handful of mills across the world and we work closely with them to refine what we offer. The threads we use are of superior quality, have high tensile strength and are able to withstand higher levels of stress especially at the seams. And, with the customised approach, your clothes will fit and look better. Your style will be current and personalised without trying to keep up with fast fashion cycles.  

white shirt

Better Garment Care 

While the clothes do last a long time, they may face some wear and tear or should your size change over time, you may require alterations. Instead of discarding these garments in question, BSC customers have the option of free lifetime alterations.

upcycle white shirt

Zero Waste Sustainability

Made-to-order brands, such as ours, have zero inventory. This means we have lesser wastage and overhead costs. We don’t follow fast fashion cycles, a BSC shirt is only made when ordered. So, no extra stock or the resources put into making a shirt goes waste. Whatever minimal fabric waste produced is further upcycled into bowties and pocket squares, making the entire model a sustainable one. With no waste, comes a deeper value of the people and resources behind the making of these garments.

local craftsman

Keeping it Local

Homegrown, slow fashion brands have local sources for material and labour. Attention to the provenance of your next buy, helps your local economy flourish. Since BSC’s roots are in Bombay, our design and labour are also local. With our short supply chain, there is a drastic reduction in environmental impact.

The fashion industry at large has a long way to go. But by building a slow fashion wardrobe, one makes the smarter, more sustainable choice for our collective well-being.