BSCPeople – Abedin Sham

We were in conversation with Abedin Sham – our next guest for the BSC People series. An entrepreneur handling multiple ventures, Abedin’s most renowned venture is Abode Boutique Hotel, a charming hotel in the heart of Bombay with a refreshing indie vibe.


Q1. How did you come to become an entrepreneur?
It was more of a need in the space, I just set about to plug in the gap. 

Q2. What’s your typical day at work like?
I usually start my work-day at 9 am, till whenever the work gets done. Getting in a workout, either morning or evening is a must for me. Since it’s Bombay, I am usually out at night socially. 

Q3. What influences your sense of style?
I am very inspired by the Hipster style sense. Also, being in the hotel business, you see a myriad of people with their own unique style. There are a few hotel guests, and even some friends whose styles I look to emulate.

Q4. How does your sense of style infuse your work or vice versa?
I think my style sets the tone for the ambiance created in the workspace. If I’m uncomfortable in my attire, it will affect my interactions with both, my team and our guests. 

Q5. Your usual attire on a regular day at work, at a client meeting and off-work dressing.
On a daily basis, it is usually a shirt or a Polo T-shirt with a pair of chinos or jeans. Meetings require a more formal business attire. If someone is making the effort to dress for me, I can’t leave them hanging. 

Q6. The one thing piece of clothing/accessory you always like to wear to work.
My watch. 

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