Anatomy of a Shirt – Collars

As per Wikipedia, a collar is the part of a shirt that fastens around or frames the neck. A collar is separated from other necklines such as revers or lapels, by being made form a separate piece of fabric, rather than a folded or cut part of the same piece of fabric.

Now that we have defined a collar and know how it’s made, about time we realise its importance as well. Considering the fact that a collar is the most visible part of a shirt, it has to be one of the most important elements which define your overall look.

A collar not only defines a shirts formality, it also enhances your facial features at the same time. In essence, this means that getting your collar right is the most important step in designing a shirt, obviously after you’ve chosen the fabric.

Wondering how to choose a collar? Here’s a small list of things you should consider before you choose the collar for your shirt.

  • What occasion are you wearing it for?
  • Will you be wearing a tie?
  • Are you wearing a jacket on top of it?
  • Does the collar complement your facial features and length of the neck?

A few tips to help you choose the collar:

  • Collars with longer tips are a strict no no if you have a short neck.
  • Consider wide collar if you have broad shoulders.
  • Larger knots dictate wider collars.

Finally, let’s take a look at the collar options we offer at the Bombay Shirt Company

Spread collar
Spread Eagle Collar

The spread collar remains classic men’s style like the pocket square, hat, and custom suit. Works best for a thin face. Collar bone provided to ensure a crisp collar.

Prince Charlie Collar

Classic straight collar is best paired with a suit and tie. It was made famous by British Royalty. Collar bone provided to ensure a crisp collar.

Madmen Collar

This cutaway collar can be worn with a tie to work or without a tie for after work drinks. While wearing a tie, we recommend you use a Windsor knot. Collar bone provided to ensure a crisp collar.

Bandhgala Collar

The traditional Bandhgala for all the old school folks out there.

Hipster Collar

Also known as the Skinny Collar, is a fairly recent phenomenon. Ideally worn without a tie, but if you must, choose a skinny one.

Hipster-Rounded Collar

Why be square? Our most unconventional collar is this skinny rounded collar.

Prepster Collar

If there was ever a middle ground between the preppy and the hipster, it’s this button down skinny collar.

Evil-Pandit Collar

Better known as the Banded Collar, was made famous by such luminaries as Pandit Nehru & Dr. Evil. We, however, have a contemporary take on it.

Double Collar

The double collar is all the rage today. One collar is just not enough.

Polo Collar

Better known as the Button Down Collar, is ideally paired with a sports jacket and loafers, but goes well with less dressy suits.

Concealed-Polo Collar

A metallic snap button on the inside keeps your button down a secret.

Club Collar

Made famous by NBA coach Pat Riley, the Club Collar goes well with bespoke shirts and dressy suits.

Ozwald-Boateng Collar

Designed by it’s namesake, perhaps the classiest of all our collar offerings.

Wing Collar

Save it for your wedding day. Exclusively worn with a bow tie and tux.

Now that you understand collars and have seen the options, how about trying your hand at designing your own shirt?