A Collar To Suit Every Face-Cut

Not sure which collar best suits your face type? Whether you’re a round, angular or oval faced man / boy / dude — this easy, comprehensive guide should help you make a better pick.

If you have an OVAL Face…
Then you’re good to go with almost any kind of collar, but a classic one would be an ideal choice.
WHY? Its medium height and spread will compliment your long but circular face-cut.

Classic Collar

If you have a ROUND FACE…
Then a pointed (Prince Charlie) or polo collar (button-down) is your go-to.
WHY? These collar styles point downwards and add length to your face and neck, taking away from the roundness.

Pointed Collar

Polo Collar

If you have an ANGULAR FACE…
Then a spread or cut-away collar works best for you.
WHY? This collar style, as the name suggests, spreads away from the face – taking away from the sharp edges and giving it a smoother appearance.

Spread Collar

Though we fully recommend you go with a collar style that you feel most comfortable in, because confidence is key, and there is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to that — these simple tips come handy when you’re perplexed and want to play it safe.