7 Last Minute Weekend Getaway Destinations This Summer

Want a break from long haul flights, staycations, strenuous activities and extreme weather but still rooting for a good holiday from where you return fresh? To do so, we won’t be venturing far from our Bombay Shirt Company stores worldwide & have brought you few ideas for your mini-cation.

Dreaming about that mini-cation?

Summers and vacations come hand in hand. Right from the old days when we couldn’t wait for the two months of ‘no school-no alarms’ bliss to the present day, constantly refreshing the inbox for a reply stating ‘approved’ to the leave application, summer vacations have blissfully turned into sweet getaways. Well, as you start marking your calendars and dreaming about your mini-cations, we’ve got you covered on the map.

Here are seven amazing holiday destinations we’ve picked for you if you haven’t got the time to plan your vacay or looking for a break, around some of the most popular cosmopolitan cities around the world –

1) Kasol, Delhi : Located 280 km from Delhi, this small town in North India is the respite you’ve been asking for, from the ruthless temperature of the capital city that’s high on heart but a lot higher on mercury in summers.
Take the Kheerganga trek on the Parvati valley, and then take a dip in a hot spring water bath surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Quite an image, right? Dharamshala, Lansdowne, Shimla are some more spots around the same distance from Delhi. So, dust your backpack and get going!

Kasol – The mini Israel of India
Picture credits : Instagram.com

2) Mandarmoni, Kolkata : Kolkata weather giving you a hard time, eh? Chinta Koro Na! A mere 3.5 hours and 170 km from the city is the lesser known but an instant favourite Mandarmoni. It’s no ordinary beach. It’s the longest drivable stretch of a beach in India. If you’re looking for a mellow and peaceful escape from the daily humdrum of the city, this is your spot.
Get your friends along or take a long quiet drive with your special someone. Or go solo to have some ‘me time’.

Mandarmani Beach
Picture credits : Outingplan.com

3) Bedford, NYC : The breakneck routine of New York can surely do with a quick weekend timeout. You’ll never run out of things to see and do in Bedford. Go out for a safari adventure or take a stroll in the Panacea Museum if you’re a history nerd. Just a 45-minute train ride from Manhattan is this cozy town where A-listers like Glenn Close, Richard Gere and Martha Stewart like to spend their free time. Why shouldn’t you?

Picture credits : Pinterest

4) Al Ain, Dubai : Well, if you’ve got to do summer then at least do it right. Even Dubai has its share of summer respite being in the southern part of the country. Thriving in the middle of the desert is Al Ain – UAE’s Garden City. Lush green palm groves, natural spring water pools, this place is also U.A.E.’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Al Ain Garden City
Picture credits : Feel the Planet

5) Coorg, Bangalore : Only an overnight journey and 260 km away from Bangalore, Coorg or Kodagu is the favourite of Bangalore locals who’ve had enough of pub nights and night shifts. Drop your stress levels watching the Abbey Falls or get your adrenaline rushing by trekking the Brahmagiri Peak. The Scotland of India has its arms wide open. Go rush!

Coorg – The Scotland of India
Picture credits : Native Planet

6) Kolli Hills, Chennai : This serene, untouched place has been escaping many travel blogs. But we found it for you. Away from the chaos and commercialization, this little paradise is located 360 km away from the city. The road trip to the place itself consisting of 70 hairpin bends will rejuvenate and pump you.

Kolli Hills
Picture credits : Travel Triangle

7) Matheran, Mumbai : And finally, the-always-running-never sleeping Aamchi Mumbai.
Get off the steaming roads and make way to the hills of Matheran.
Spice up your routine with adventure activities like zip-lining, rock climbing, and trekking. This getaway will charge you up for the coming weeks,
If you’re a Mumbaikar, you DESERVE a break!

Picture credits : The Byke

So, now that we’ve got you covered on the weekend getaway list, get your bags and spirit ready. And if you feel you’re falling short on your summer wardrobe mid-trip, take a detour to the BSC's store located in or around all the above-mentioned cities.