5 Things To Do Before You Step Into 2019

‘New year, new beginning’ and all that jazz is upon us. As we’re about to step into 2019 just a few hours from now, let’s look at getting rid of some old habits before you write down that lengthy bucket list. While this may not be the easiest endeavor, we can all try. Can we?  Of course, we can start by taking a few steps in that direction at least.

Say good bye to Procrastination…

And say hello to getting things done – one thing at a time. Reward yourself each time you strike something off that little black book — it could be something as small as a cup of coffee at your beloved cafe or something as big as a trip to the Bahamas. Whatever helps give you the motivation to start things and finish them, do it.

Stop giving yourself reasons…

Whether it’s waking up at 7 am and going for a run or cleaning up that messy wardrobe of yours, stop giving yourself reasons to not do things, that matter. Go for that run, no matter how sleepy you are, de-clutter that wardrobe no matter how much you despise it. You don’t have to go at it all at once, take baby steps – but START. NOW!

Get off that Phone…

Stop scrolling through other peoples’ ”covetable” lives on social media and invest your time in something more meaningful. Read a book instead, or take a nap or meet a friend or meditate, but put those thumbs to rest and end your toxic love affair with social media. Keep a tab and each time you find yourself endlessly scrolling through, take the conscious effort to put your phone aside.


Treat yourself well

From eating right to dressing up well, go that extra mile for yourself. Make that effort and stop being lazy!

Show some gratitude

While you maybe busy cribbing about your job, or about your life in general – the fact that you’re reading this is  reason enough to be thankful. You’re breathing, and you’re alive. So show some gratitude and stop whining about minuscule things.

Let’s try and step into the new year by crushing some of the habits that don’t serve you, and remember to not be too hard on yourself.

Easy, breezy 2019 from our family to yours!


Photo credits: Pixabay